• The search should now be a bit speedier when quickly swapping between status codes
  • Linking to JWT.io for OAuth2 tokens now automatically removes "Bearer" if necessary
  • You can't tell, but we reworked most of our React UI code to be far more reusable, allowing us to develop new features faster!



We now check for some of the common issues that plague developers and output Errors and Warnings to save you time

  • SSL - We now check SSL certs to verify they are correctly signed and not expired / about to expire
  • OAuth2 - When you get a 401 or 404, we check to see if you are missing a token. If one is present and it is OAuth2, we also check to see if it's correctly signed and currently valid
  • Rate Limits - Running out of API calls is rough. MooseTracks will now check for common Rate Limit header responses and let you know if you're over or about to run out



Quality of Life Improvements

  • One of our links wasn't adding to the Browser history correctly. Fixed 👌
  • We've upped the max size of Request and Response bodies from 64kb to 128kb each. Enjoy your new space!
  • This one's for you keyboard ninjas - Pressing Enter now submits all of our forms when creating a new Park or Trail
  • ⏱ Look at the time! Tracks now show a much friendly Timestamp - "A minute ago" is a bit easier to read than the UTC timestamp!
  • We love our illustrations, and we hope you do too, but they didn't need to be the full 4 thousand pixel wide source images. We've scaled those down a tad to save your browser some work
  • You had questions, we answered them. Check out our fresh FAQ page!


  • Adding someone else to your Park is no longer case sensitive 👌



Expanding out core features

  • Add someone else to your Park with our new Invite button!
  • We've added a handy dandy URL converter to make it easier to capture new Traffic
  • All new Traffic will now show the HTTP Verb



🎊 Closed Beta Launch! 🎊

  • You can now create a User Account (which we call a Ranger) through Auth0
  • Setup a Park and Trail to proxy and view your requests