Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to email us at support@ironmoosedevelopment.com

A Ranger is a user account that identifies a person and is tied to a login.

A Park is an organization acount, which will be tied to a credit card if it opts for a paid tier. Parks can have multiple Rangers tied to them, and a Ranger can be part of multiple Parks.

Trails are a way to group your API Traffic - we recommend one Trail per environment at the least.

Finally, Tracks are the API Traffic that gets captured to a Trail and what make Debugging so much easier!

Once you have signed up and have a Trail to capture Traffic to, you can swap your domain and send data to our Proxy to capture Traffic. For example, if your Trail's ID is "abcd1234" and you are calling https://swapi.co/api/people/1, you call https://swapi-co-abcd1234.proxy.ironmoose.us/api/people/1 instead. Don't worry - we've added a built-in converter for your ease and convenience!
Absolutely! We automate all of our certificates through Let's Encrypt, so your data is fully protected in-flight when calling our services. All data that we capture is encrypted at-rest in Azure. End-to-end, we've got you covered.
We currently only support calling HTTPS services via our cloud proxy - HTTP support is coming in the future! We do not validate the SSL certificate, but do plan on showing you a warning if the certificate is invalid or expiring soon. If you need to call HTTP services ASAP, try out our On-Premise agent!
We capture all Request and Response Headers, the Response Code (such as 200 OK or 500 Internal Server Error), and what type of Request method was sent (such as POST or GET), and the Request and Response Body if we can. Currently we only support Bodies of type application/json up to 128kb in size - we plan on rolling out additional support in the future!
We have a Docker based On-Premise Agent in Open Beta testing. MooseTracks will work exactly the same as long as the Agent can call out to Azure to store the data. We additionally have a completely on-premise option in closed beta testing - if you would like to get in on this Closed Beta test, shoot us an email at support@ironmoosedevelopment.com