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Developers should spend less time on unexpected problems and more time doing what they love

API schemas change, rate limits get exceeded, services go down, and sometimes someone just hits the wrong button.

Unless you're working on the web, checking your logs is traditionally the only go-to you have - but logging takes a long time to get right. What are the chances you have a log for rate limits? What about for a log for a service you don't run yourself introducing a breaking change?

MooseTracks provides a straightforward way to capture this information by giving you all API traffic that you run through it (headers included!), regardless of why something went wrong, and shows you successful traffic for comparison.

How Does It Work?

Better debugging in just a few steps

  1. 1
    Swap the base domain of the API you are calling from any Client

    Across all clients, "https://swapi.co/api/people/1" becomes "https://swapi-co.proxy.ironmoose.us/people/1" - No matter if you're developing for Mobile, Salesforce, Cloud-to-Cloud, part of a microservices setup.. we've got you.

  2. 2
    Your API call gets proxied through us

    We analyze and store the API Request and Response for your review

  3. 3
    Developers save time (and end up happier)

    Advanced searching, automatic issue analysis, and customizable pipelines for your API traffic help solve API problems quickly and keep your developers working on Features instead of Bugs


API problems may be difficult, but your tools to debug them shouldn't be

No API changes needed

Start debugging in minutes just by changing the Domain you are calling - We do the rest.

See what's going wrong at a glance

Don't waste time searching for that 500 error - requests are color coded and easy to find, and backed by a powerful search

No logs? No problem.

Internal testing shows that captured API traffic is the only data you need to debug most client-facing issues

Share requests that need attention

Pop a link in Slack, put it in your Issue Tracker, write about it in a blog - links last as long as you keep the data archived

Your team where you need them

Invite your team so that they can help you get to the bottom of the issue that much quicker


To save you time and headache, we automatically check for common issues in API calls such as SSL certs being invalid, expired or missing OAuth2 tokens, and Rate Limits being exceeded

Store your data on your own terms

We store your traffic for a bit, then automatically transfer it to your own archive. Unlike other products, however, our UI integrates with your archive just as well as our own so that your links will last forever.

Coming soon

This feature is coming soon - we will keep your data safe until archiving is ready to go

Simple pricing for a powerful tool

Our prices are easy to understand, just like our software. No hidden fees, just pay for what you use.

Public Park

For side-projects, open source devs, and dipping your toes in


1000 Requests / month
Linked Requests last forever
Automatic Issue Analysis
Webhook Extension Points

City Park

For agencies, small teams, and companies scaling up their requests

$0.25 / 1000 requests

1000 Requests / month
Linked Requests last forever
Automatic Issue Analysis
Webhook Extension Points

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